Minor Renovatins

The owners corporation has passed a by-law (49) which allows the strata committee to approve minor renovations in some cases. Other minor renovations would require owners corporation approval, over 50 percent of the votes at a general meeting.


By-law <49>: Within the meaning of section <110(6)(b)> of the Strata Schemes Management Act <2015> the owners corporation is permitted to delegate its functions under section <110> of that Act to the strata committee.

Minor renovations include:


  • renovating a kitchen
  • changing recessed light fittings
  • installing or replacing wood or other hard floors
  • installing or replacing wiring or cabling or power or access points
  • work involving reconfiguring walls
  • installation of an approved storage unit within your car space
  • installation of an approved parliament hinge.

<SSMA 2015 Section 110 & Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 Reg 28>

Minor renovations DO NOT include:


  • work involving structural changes
  • work that changes the external appearance of a lot
  • work that detrimentally affects the safety of a lot or common property, including fire safety systems,
  • work involving waterproofing or the plumbing or exhaust system of a building in a strata scheme,
  • work involving reconfiguring walls,
  • work for which consent or another approval is required under any other Act

Note: In certain situations, the Strata Committee may agree to allow alterations to the common property, nominally in the Owners Corporation name, on the giving of an indemnity by the owner to meet the Owners Corporation’s costs and to meet any future repair or maintenance

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