Bicycle Parking

Bayview provides secure space on the ground level for the storage of bicycles. Spaces are given on a first come, first served basis. However, a Bicycle Registration Form must be submitted and approved, prior to storing a bicycle on the Common Property.


You will also be given a tag with a number to be placed under your seat whilst the bicycle is stored in the room for security purposes.

Bicycle Parking Room/Rack
Terms & Conditions

  • The Bicycle Parking Rack may at any time be moved elsewhere within the Bayview building and/or that Resident’s consent to use it may be terminated at any time.
  • Residents must pay the owners of SP3402 (the owners) the specified security bond for the Bicycle Parking Rack and the Bicycle Parking Room access key.  Security bonds are forfeited if access keys are not returned when a resident vacates their apartment, consent is terminated, or if the allocated rack is damaged or the access key is damaged, lost or stolen. 
  • Residents must not: a) assign the benefit of this consent to another person; or b) allow any other person to use their allocated rack; or c) use any rack other than the one that has been allocated to them.
  • Residents acknowledge that the owners do not warrant the safety or security of the Bicycle Parking Rack or the Bicycle Parking Room and that they recommend that they use my personal bicycle locking device to aid in the safekeeping of their bicycle.
  • Residents indemnify the owners and will keep them and their officers and employees indemnified from all claims, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses however arising from my use of the Bicycle Parking Rack or Bicycle Parking Room.
  • Resident’s interest in the Bicycle Parking Room is non-exclusive and they agree that the owners or their agent may enter the Bicycle Parking Room at any time for the purpose of inspection and they may remove my bicycle and locking device in the event of an emergency or me being in breach of these conditions.
  • Residents will provide the owners with a full description and picture of their bicycle and warrant that they are in rightful and legal possession of that bicycle.  Residents understand that the owners will issue them with a tag which is to be visibly attached to the underside of the seat of their bicycle and is to remain in place whilst it occupies the reck.  Residents understand that this consent applies to only the bicycle described and I accept that my bicycle and locking device may be removed and disposed of by the owners without compensation to them if they fail to comply with this condition.
  • Residents acknowledge that if they do not comply with any of the terms and conditions of this consent then they will be in breach and that consent may be immediately terminated.
  • If an Owner sells their lot or if a Resident’s lease is terminated for any reason, then any provisions relating to the consent given to the Resident shall no longer apply.  If the Resident is moving out of their apartment, they are to remove their bicycle from the Bicycle Parking Room and return the access key to the owners or their agent prior to or at the time I vacate.
  • If a Resident vacates without removing my bicycle, I understand that the owners will take ownership of said bicycle without compensation to the Resident and they may dispose of it as they see fit.  Any profit gained from the disposal will be passed on to local charities of the owner’s choosing.

Bicycle Registration