Golden Rules

At Bayview Apartments, we take pride in the calibre of our neighbours who practice common courtesy for one another. In that spirit, we kindly encourage observing and adhering to our Golden Rules at all times:

  • Please mind loud music and instruments. 
  • Please mind any running and/or hard shoes on hard floors.
  • Immediately clean up after any spills or pet waste on common property. 
  • Make arrangements with the Building Manager if you are moving in or out or moving large items of furniture etc.
  • Do not leave building entry doors or lifts propped open and unattended.
  • Ensure your pets are carried or restrained when on common property, and that they are not a nuisance to other owners or occupiers.
  • Do not leave bicycles on any common property area.  Apply to take advantage of the allocated Bicycle parking space (subject to availability).
  • No alcohol, glassware, food or drink is allowed in the swimming pool area.
  • Running, playing ball or loud behaviour is also not allowed in the pool area.