Meet the Bayview Strata Committee

Jonathan Monk (Chairperson)

“As a recent resident at Bayview, I’m very motivated to continue the work of the existing committee to make Bayview a great place for all residents and owners to enjoy.”
Jonathan has a background in finance/management with the last 15 years in leadership roles in private clubs, responsible for more than 20 staff in a multi-million dollar NFP organisation.

Elizabeth Heusler (Secretary)

“In the 20 years I’ve held a property here I’ve seen our building improve in leaps and bounds and our investment grow thanks to a dedicated and highly engaged committee.”
A career people-person and media maven, with three decades in public relations and high stakes communication, Elizabeth’s clients are predominantly in the property, corporate and business-to-business arena.
Elizabeth Heusler

Suzy Green

“Buying into Bayview is a lifestyle dream come true.  I love the ‘60s style of the building and the neighbourhood – it always gives me that New York / Parisian vibe – all of which adds to positivity and wellbeing.” 

Suzy is a Registered Psychologist and CEO of the Positivity Institute, a boutique psychological consulting business.  Suzy’s expertise and passion is in the enhancement of psychological wellbeing which she brings to the Bayview community in abundance.

Brenan Liston

“I have achieved my dream to own a home in Elizabeth Bay, having lived in the area since the 70’s.  It’s the 1960’s architecture that I’m attracted to and Bayview is a great representation of that period.”


Brenan’s career, unsurprisingly, is in industrial design with a background in architecture, this gives him an innate appreciation of form and function and the value of a well-cared for building. 

Lee Petersen

Lee Petersen

“A trip to Palm Springs was when I first became enamoured with mid-century architecture and that is what attracted me to the design of Bayview. It has been a privilege, since joining the committee three years ago, to serve as an active member.”

With 25 years’ experience in customer service, Lee is passionate about open communication, looking at the big picture while encouraging a sense of community and inclusion.